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"The World in my Mind"

"The World in my Mind" is the name of this collection, which shows the ways the world works in my mind right here right now.

The things that dominate my mind are usually my family and my friends, who play important parts in my life. This project express what I see and how I feel towards these people, and through this project, I also want to build some memory with them.

The style of this project is quite hard to describe. Once I accidentally used my girlfriend’s favourite colors to mix with my favourite realistic style and dark colors. The result comes up pretty weird to me then, ... and I am kinda like it. So, here it is, the style that you are looking at. Thanks for spending time listening to my noise. Let’s take a look and enjoy.

Exhibition was at deciBel, 26th March 2015 - Vietnam

Artist : hgntrung
Translator : Harley Hà Lì
The collection of media/press articles/videos about : Wolrd in my mind

saigoneer - Zelda Goes To The Gallery: World in My Mind

Trung hoang 9 harley

EM – For Harley

Trung hoang 1 portrait an


Trung hoang 2 jungle wolf

Jungle Wolf

Trung hoang 3 jungle buffalo

Jungle Buffalo

Trung hoang 5


Trung hoang 6 bloody hell


Trung hoang 4 jungle fire in the water

Fire in the water

Trung hoang 7 bunny

Animal or Human-being?

Trung hoang 8 wakeup

Wake up