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A collaborative Project focused on building a graphic novel of six vietnamese legendary myths by using the means of dance, Vietnamese text, live visual art/3D mapping and live electronic music fused with traditional Vietnamese music.

Central location: Ho Chi Minh City
Tour locations: Hanoi

Standpoint Theories has established itself as one of a select number of productions that feature multi-disciplinary arts within the local Vietnamese and expat community. A collaboration between dancer Emily Navarra (America), musicians Bryon Rudd, Gareth Katz and David Haimovich known as Space Panther (America), media artist Daniel Long (America) illustrator Hoang Trung (Vietnam), scenographer/animator Julien Noyer, percussionist Eric Meftah (America), lighting designer Julian Hodgson (Scotland) and sound engineer Timmy Vegas (UK).

The project will be presented as an evening-length interactive dance performance inspired by six well-known Vietnamese Myths:
-The legendary story of Âu Cơ, an immortal mountain fairy who married Lạc Long Quân
- The god of Tản Viên Mountain known as, Sơn Tinh
-Chử Đồng Tử - a marsh boy
-Princess Liễu Hạnh, a heavenly spirit and Mother Goddess
-Bà Chúa Xứ known as Lady of the Realm

Trailer Link :

Hntrung poster by hgntrung d8u29k6

Tiên Dung princess - Concept character

Hntrung character concept a marsh boy by hgntrung d8t70dj

Chử Đồng Tử - Concept character

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Câu chuyện về Bà Chúa Xứ ~ Lady of the Realm

Hntrung 55b5204372c9fc1d8063fdccf72908cc d84ettu

Ngọc Hoa - Portrait

Hntrung au co by hgntrung d7xhrgb

Âu Cơ - Portrait

Hntrung lac long quan concept by hgntrung d80nl8e

Lạc Long Quân - Portrait

Hntrung standpoint theories the god of tan vien son tinh by hgntrung d8dy9kv

Sơn Tinh - Portrait

Hntrung the monsoon king by hgntrung d857cld

Thuỷ Tinh - Portrait

Hgntrung lieu hanh princess

Liễu Hạnh Princess - Concept character

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